Monday, July 9, 2012


The information contained in this article comes from the author’s familiarity with and life-long practice of the highly evolved mental technique popularly known as “Remote Viewing”. Indeed, the author has had a personal, even karmic, connection to “the Father of Remote Viewing”, Ingo Swann, throughout both of their lives, which perhaps lends a sense of poetic circularity to the fact that Doctor Swann plays such an important role in the narrative you are about to explore. The other stakeholders in this Byzantine tale are American astronaut, Doctor Edgar Mitchell, of Institute for Noetic Science fame, Doctor Hal Puthoff, a multi-talented scientist and recognized genius in many fields, as well as authoritative UFOlogist Jacques Vallee. Other, lesser figures, will also figure in to this generation-spanning real-life drama.

The main information that the author is attempting to convey in this article can be summed up in three major points, all of which will be further fleshed out below.

The FIRST point is Contact. The author asserts that contact between humanity (in the form of NASA astronaut and admitted ESP experiment participant Edgar Mitchell) and an alien intelligence representing a Level One civilization, with an Earthside psychic assist from Doctor Ingo Swann, took place during the low-earth orbit segment of the Apollo 14 space flight. See below for details about this remarkable encounter.

The SECOND point is that the encounter between Mitchell and these ET’s resulted in a transfer of technological information in the form of an otherworldly “scientific textbook”. This textbook has since been reverse-engineered by Hal Puthoff, who is himself a member of a secretive UFO working groupknown as “The Aviary” (more on this group later). Perhaps the most important revelation of this article is the incontrovertible fact that, today, Zero Point Energy is working, and being suppressed at the highest levels by a cabal operating within the United States government.

The THIRD point is about the true nature of the behind-the-scenes battle currently being waged between the controlling elites, who insist on excessive secrecy, and the proponents of public disclosure, who believe that revealing the true, full extent of the ET engagement with humanity will lead to a more open and democratic society, if not a full-blown Golden Age.

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