Monday, July 16, 2012


Well, the CIA appears to be up to its old tricks again in the case of Roswell whistle-blower Chase Brandon! Z-Land's tireless pursuit of the truth from both "The Company" and its rogue agent has born bitter fruit in the form of an official denial from the former and deafening silence from the latter. Brandon's once loose lips now seem to be sealed shut, as he has officially gone into hiding, refusing all media offers and maintaining "radio silence" on all frequencies!

Pretty odd behavior considering he's got a book to promote!

So, why would the CIA want to keep the existence of intelligent life on other planets a secret? Oh, I dunno... maybe just because it would undermine the entire fabric of human civilization from top to bottom?!

But we'll leave it for you to judge whether or not Brandon is a truth teller now running scared, or a publicity hound who is now avoiding any and all forms of publicity.

Good night, and God bless!
Albert Venczel

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