Sunday, June 16, 2013


“There is no such thing as secrets anymore.” – Ingo Swann

Some time in the 1970's, a group of American psi researchers at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) had a breakthrough. This breakthrough was the discovery that human beings could connect their minds to the Matrix, which contains all knowledge, and that they could download it as a pattern of information and render it using a paper and pencil by using strict protocols. This Matrix exists outside of time and space. A connection to it can be made via the “signal line” that emerges from the top of the head once the Remote Viewer succeeds in silencing the mid-brain, and sending the frontal lobes into alpha wave hyper-drive. One way to describe this function is as “Non local awareness”. However, during the session the viewer has laser-like focus.

Because the Matrix exists outside of and separate from Space & Time as we know them, we can view the past and the future just as easily as we can the present, simply by noting the time qualifier in the “cue” (more on this shortly). These Remote Viewing sessions typically last a maximum of 45 minutes, at which point the Viewer must “drop the pencil” and end the session.

Remote Viewing is all of three things: the Cue, the Skill and Analysis. Let’s examine each of these elements in turn...

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